Dinner Menu

Small plates of seasonal and local produce, designed  to share and enjoy

Menu - Sharing style plates


Slow-cooked courgettes chickpeas, gremolata 
Aged ribeye, spring onions, black garlic 
Lamb loin, tomato, radish, sour cream dill 

Small plates

Tamari toasted pumpkins seeds  

Olive oil crisps, oat crème fraiche  

Shop pickle selection  


Sourdough, oil & vinegar or butter  

Split pea hummus, “fettish” feta, pickled red onion & mint  

cured meat: coppa air dried ham  

Tamarisk farm salad, vinaigrette 

Baron Bigod, local honey, salted walnuts  

Cucumber salad dill, onion, raw vinegar  

Grilled dalwood asparagus, kimchi mayo  

Cornish mussels, leeks, cider, cream  

Roasted carrots & beets, sesame, seaweed, tahini  

Purple sprouting broccoli, miso dressing 

Cornish new potatoes & salsa verde