Sample Lunch menu served untill 14:30



Bellair haye smoked bacon, overnight white bread, butter add egg 

With hoot’s hot sauce, ketchup or brown sauce 

Salt baked celeriac, pumpkin seeds, wild garlic pesto, organic salad 

Isle of wight blue, walnut pesto, honey, organic salad 

Salt beef, sauerkraut, wasabi mustard 



Vintage cheddar & Fontal cheese with Soulshine kimchi (available with Hoot’s hot sauce) 

Selection of soups available everyday

Small plates

Tamari toasted pumpkins seeds  

Olive oil crisps, oat crème fraiche   

Shop pickle selection  


Sourdough, oil & vinegar or butter  
Grilled sourdough, tomato and garlic

Hummus with salsa cruda
Cured meats: Fennel salami, Air dried ham, Cantabrian anchovies 

Organic salad leaves, Pedro Ximenez balsamic, toasted seeds
Baron Bigod, local honey, salted walnuts 

Cornish new potatoes & salsa verde
Grilled peach, Westcombe ricotta, red onions mint
Young carrots, green tahini, camelina seeds
Beetroots, onion, miso, oregano and greens